Member Spotlight: Brittany Ryan, Healthcare Strategist

Brittany Ryan

Q: How long have you been a She’s Independent member? And how did you find out about She’s Independent? 

I joined in February 2023, after attending an event during which Natalie Levy interviewed my business school classmate, Naseem Sayani, about her venture capital firm, Emmeline Ventures. I liked She’s Independent’s mission, and wanted to contribute to it.

Q: What is your background? Brag a little ; ) 

I am a healthcare strategist and operator who has had a chance to work across all parts of the healthcare ecosystem over two decades. I’ve focused on helping companies of all sizes build and launch new businesses and solutions, and collaborate with their customers and broader stakeholders to effectively go to market, so they can maximize the value and impact of their solutions.

Q: Where are you on your investing journey? And how has She’s Independent influenced or supported this?

While I am new to angel investing this year, I have sourced, screened, and conducted due diligence on a range of companies during my first six months as a member. It’s been valuable to talk through investment opportunities as a group, and we consistently leverage each other’s industry and functional expertise to ensure we are thinking holistically about these companies, the markets in which they are operating, customer behaviors, relevant metrics, etc.

Q: What was your first experience with our empowered action approach to learning? 

Earlier this year, Jessica Meunier and I co-led due diligence on a health software company that the group had prioritized from our 2Q23 pitch event. We aligned with the fuller membership on the key questions to be explored with the company, and then led interviews with the company’s leadership team and a representative customer to get those addressed. After working with our investment leadership team to make a go/no go decision on an investment, Jessica and I wrote down and presented to the full She’s Independent membership our lessons learned.

Q: What has been your biggest ah-ha moment or benefit from the She’s Independent experience so far?

I better appreciate the resources and processes needed to sustain and grow member communities like ours. We’re all committed to our mission, but like any other group, we’re made up of individuals whose lives are changing continuously. The changes we face as individuals shape our priorities and contributions to the group week to week, and that in turn shapes the experience and perceptions of the fuller membership. It’s a really tough equation to manage, and I’ve been impressed by the She’s Independent leadership team’s efforts to understand members’ motivations and interests, along with how those are changing.

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