Member Spotlight: Susan Emerson, PA-C, PT, Investment Member

Susan Emerson

Q: How long have you been a She’s Independent member? And how did you find out about She’s Independent? 

I joined in January 2023, so coming up on 7 months

Q: What is your background? Brag a little ; ) 

I have an extensive clinical healthcare background as both a certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) and licensed Physical Therapist (PT).  I worked primarily in Orthopedics as a PT followed by Neurosurgery, Pain Management, Women’s Health, Integrative Medicine and Primary Care as a PA-C.  Prior to healthcare, I worked in Insurance and Financial Services in San Francisco, even passed the Series 7 but left the industry to pursue a bigger passion in healthcare at the time.  Prior to that I was a big recreator in Lake Tahoe for several years having a blast bartending and serving to support my avid skiing, mountain biking and social lifestyle!

Q: Where are you on your investing journey? And how has She’s Independent influenced or supported this?

I was new to actual Angel Investing when I joined She’s Independent but had participated as a resource for my Angel Investor brother-in-law for several years.  He introduced me to Natalie, suspecting I would enjoy researching companies and investing in my own right.

Q: What was your first experience with our empowered action approach to learning? 

I started as an Observer and watched Natalie’s recorded Introduction to Investing webinar series as well as a couple recorded interviews with other successful female investors. But the most valuable thing I did was to immediately join the weekly calls to listen and learn live.

Q: What has been your biggest ah-ha moment or benefit from the She’s Independent experience so far? 

As a member of the leadership team, I was recently on a screening call with 4-5 other members with experience in the life sciences and healthcare arena and was blown away by the talent in the room, coming from all different angles – legal, financial, clinical, business.  The founders even commented on it, and I felt incredibly proud to be a part of this group!

Q: What investment stands out in your mind so far?

Probably Kidcaboo which presented as a unique “get more females on the Cap table” opportunity specifically offered to our SII group.   It was my first SII investment and the impetus for me to transition from Observer to Investor.  I learned a lot about general deal mechanics, founder pitch styles, a new industry and felt excited to be a supporter of this company.

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