Member Spotlight: Suma Sathyanarayana, Investment Associate at UC Boulder’s Deming Center Venture Fund

Suma Sathyanarayana headshot next to name and quote from article

Q: How long have you been a She’s Independent member? And how did you find out about She’s Independent? 

I’ve been involved with She’s Independent as an Investment Observer for around 6 months now. I heard about She’s Independent through the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship at CU Boulder-where I am currently a graduate student. 

Q: What is your background? Brag a little ; ) 

I am a Chartered Accountant from India. My work experience has been in Business Consulting-specializing in Financial and Tax Due Diligence and Employee Compensation Schemes. I am currently in my 2nd year of MBA focusing on Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship in my graduate studies.

Q: Where are you on your investing journey? And how has She’s Independent influenced or supported this?

I work at the Deming Center Venture Fund-which is a student led venture fund at the University of Colorado-Boulder. We invest in early stage startups in the CU boulder and Colorado communities. I have been working at this venture fund for over a year now. Personally I have not yet made investments out of my own funds, as I am still a student and not earning as of now. But as an Investment Observer, being involved with She’s Independent has empowered me to think like an angel investor and learn from all the intelligent angels I see around me at She’s Independent. Once I start earning and have enough funds, I plan on backing founders I believe in by investing in their impactful ideas. 

Q: What was your first experience with our empowered action approach to learning? 

I have always been empowered by She’s Independent to participate either passively or actively in the screening and investment due diligence process based on my comfort level which has had very positive learning outcomes for me. I have actively contributed to the due diligence efforts on one of the deals and at other times passively listened to the rich conversations between SI members.

Q: What has been your biggest ah-ha moment or benefit from the She’s Independent experience so far?

She’s Independent is helping me both build and strengthen my identity as an emerging angel investor.

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