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Here at “She’s Independent”, our team is passionate about aligning ourselves with any mission that embodies values of education, growth, empowerment, and experience. That is why we are so excited to kick off our fractional and advisory placement program in partnership with “Your Cohort”, a women-founded fractional C-suite executive team. Earlier this month, our founder, Natalie Levy,  and Alexandra Satine, co-founder of “Your Cohort”, were joined by Anne Bibb, Alli Stanca, and Uma Gopaldass for an official Launch & Learn Placements panel to discuss their personal experiences in fractional, advisory, and board roles. Below are some of their key pieces of advice for women interested in learning more about these positions, as well as information on how to get involved in this new program. The full discussion can be accessed here! 

Key differences between fractional leadership, advisory positions, and board members:

  • Fractional leadership → A business model that involves hiring part-time executives or managers who can fill leadership gaps and offer strategic direction to an organization based on previous experience. Fractional positions exist across all functional areas of business (CMO, COO, CFO, CIO etc.) as well as within sectors that require more specific expertise. While there is more direct interaction and time commitment to the company, some benefits of holding an interim role include flexible hours, autonomy, and high income potential.
  • Advisor → A leader that provides guidance, time, and knowledge to companies. The specific duties of an advisor will vary depending on their area of expertise, but generally, they will offer a company advice regarding strategic planning, operations, marketing, and financial decisions. 
  • Board Director → A member of the governing body of a company that provides management oversight, establishes strategic direction, and evaluates major decisions affecting stakeholders. This role usually lasts for at least a few years, with time commitment depending on needs of the organization.


Spend time building your personal brand and learning how to market yourself accordingly. When asked what their biggest advice was for someone wanting to step into the respected role of a fractional leader, advisor, or board member, all three panel participants emphasized the importance of marketing yourself well. This includes solidifying a 60-second elevator pitch and one-paragraph introduction bio, maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile, and presenting yourself (both online and in-person) in a way that ACCURATELY represents your accomplishments. In other words, recognize your worth, embrace your superpowers, and be okay to advocate for them with the same charisma and confidence that a man most likely would. For reference on how to improve your own, we provided links to the LinkedIn profiles of all of the amazing women listed above!

Network, network, network (both vertically AND horizontally)!!! Regardless of the field or industry, networking is an essential component to building a successful career. While connecting with individuals in vertical positions of authority can provide opportunity for job advancement, establishing relationships with colleagues at similar levels can be tremendously beneficial as well. Having connections to lean on for advice, collaboration, referrals, and leads in your horizontal network makes working in fractional roles more manageable and scalable.

Accurately price your work and charge what you are worth. When it comes to pricing any part-time, fractional work, take the time to evaluate the monetary value of your services to avoid undercharging or overcharging. One common method of pricing is to charge an hourly rate with a required minimum number of paid hours per month, regardless of if you work the full amount. This ensures a steady flow of income even if your clients do not require your efforts everyday. Another option is to negotiate equity in the project you are working on after carefully evaluating the potential success and return. There are many other methods, but the most important thing is that you do your research, assess your skills and experience, and then price your work at a point that feels fair and valuable to both you and your clients. 

Do not wait until you “think” you are ready. When it comes to taking on an advisory or board role, you may never feel fully prepared or qualified before you start. As women, imposter syndrome can often hold us back from pursuing opportunities that we might be perfectly suited for, so in this case, it is better to dive in and gain experience along the way. Even if you are just starting out, there are plenty of smaller companies, non-profits, and other organizations that are looking for talented individuals to help guide their growth and development. By taking on a role in one of these organizations, you’ll have the opportunity to learn on the job, gain valuable experience, and grow as a professional until you are ready to embrace a more demanding role. 

Why and how to get involved with the “Your Cohort” & “She’s Independent” Placements Program:

  • WHY → Our two women-first companies have joined forces to create a unique program that supports and advises women on their journey to holding fractional, advisory, and board director positions. We understand the challenges that women face in these roles, and want to empower their success by providing valuable resources, knowledge, and human capital development. By taking advantage of our program, you will gain access to our network of experienced professionals that are committed to helping you advance your career and make meaningful matches based on talent and experience. Let’s continue to close the representation gap in C-suite positions together!
  • HOW → Upon becoming an Investment Observer or Investment Member, you must fill out the advisory intake form that will provide us with all of the information necessary for you to be considered for a placement. As start-ups submit their needs to us, “Your Cohort” will review the talent pool and provide founders with options that will best meet their leadership gap needs. The best-suited candidate will then be selected after a brief interview process. It might seem overwhelming at first, but do not worry, we will be in contact with you throughout the entire process to ensure a smooth placement transition!


We are so thrilled to be working with Your Cohort to continue to bring unique opportunities and access to you! We hope that you will join us, but in the meantime, please reach out with any questions or comments!

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