She’s Independent Conversation Series: Rebecca Lock, Founder and CEO of Kidcaboo

Rebecca Lock headshot and Conversation Series title

Taking a look back at our first ever Conversation Series, here is a refresher of what we discussed with Rebecca Lock, Founder and CEO of Kidcaboo. Not only does Rebecca have experience in the TV production industry, but she is also a seasoned entrepreneur and most importantly a mom of two kids. Her unique journey and struggle to navigate the responsibilities of a single parent while simultaneously advancing her career sparked her idea of a children’s transportation platform, now known as Kidcaboo. 

In case you missed our full interview with Rebecca, tune in here to listen to her share the highs and lows of building her company from the ground up as a single mom, fundraising as a first-time female founder, and more. 

On the journey of Kidcaboo:

While incredibly rewarding, Rebecca remarks her path as a founder transforming her idea into a successful business as a difficult one. As a fresh entrepreneur, the process of dealing with insurance, licenses, financial models, and more can pose a daunting challenge. However, Rebecca noted that moving past each obstacle and milestone helped to instill confidence and determination to persevere through the next. Even in the face of naysayers and doubting investors, she learned that her failures at the beginning of Kidcaboo ultimately paved the way to her successes, transforming not only her mindset around entrepreneurship, but her view of her capabilities as a woman in business.

“Once you make it through, you will never be the same again.” 

On the experience as a woman in a male-dominated investment landscape:

Throughout her funding process, Rebecca has been faced with countless uncomfortable challenges requiring her to channel a growth mindset and the grit to break past glass ceiling barriers. She acknowledges that despite possessing adequate knowledge and expertise in her field, at the beginning of her journey, she often felt less confident when presenting her ideas or responding to investors’ questions. Rebecca advocates that when investors may overstep with their opinions, the best response is to have confidence in one’s capabilities and to push back when necessary using personal expertise on the subject. 

On being a single-mom working towards advancing her career:

Coming from a place of personal experience, Rebecca boldly challenges the perception that being a mother with the responsibilities of raising two kids has hindered her ability to be a successful entrepreneur. Instead, she views her status as a single mother as a superpower providing her with unique skills and strengths that allow her to have an upperhand compared to her male counterparts. There is immense value that comes from the diverse experiences and perspectives of mothers. For example, the ability to balance competing responsibilities, adapt to unpredictable situations, and find creative solutions are all invaluable assets when establishing and growing a successful business.

On advice for female founders in early stage funding and growth:

For other female founders who might be in a similar position as Rebecca juggling familial responsibilities alongside their careers, she advises them to accept that the path they are on may not look traditional or the same as everyone else’s’. There will always be tradeoffs. While Rebecca emphasizes that women should embrace taking unique approaches to funding based on individual needs, circumstances, and strengths, being able to recognize one’s gaps and adapt to change when necessary is important, no matter the stage or space in the investment ecosystem. Set realistic expectations of yourself, form boundaries with others, and embrace the pivots.

Our mission as a company is not just to impact investment access and increase money flow, but to also provide our members with access to education. We recognize that many women have not been provided the opportunity to gain financial literacy and therefore the confidence to step into founder and investor roles. Through initiatives such as our Conversation Series, our hope is to open up channels for conversation and supportive skill development that will benefit all of our women in their investment journeys! Be sure to join us next month!

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