She's Independent

Women's Circle -- WEBINAR, May 1st, 4pm MT/ 6pm ET

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 You can sign up for this event HERE.


She's Independent is excited to partner with community leaders and businesses to bring you empowerment through community, conversation, and mind-body health.


Carrie of SolBreath, Carol Piro, and She's Independent are partnering to bring you a women's circle series.

These workshops are here to connect us for healing, conversation, and empowerment. They may include a combination of breathwork, sound healing, and meditation. It's so important to take time to connect with others to calm our busy minds and nourish ourselves.

This series is intended for women of all ages.


 You can sign up for this event HERE.

This event is currently held via webinar and is offered for free given the current environment.

If interested in supporting our community and mission membership starts at just $12/ month.


Please have a journal, yoga mat and blanket available.

No experience necessary.