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Venture Beyond with Jenna: 1:1 Coaching

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We are excited to partner with Jenna from Venture Beyond to bring you life coaching.

We couldn't be more aligned with Jenna's approach and mission. She brings out the authentic you in an organic and intentional way.

You can meet Jenna through a free introductory session and through her Yin Yoga class.

How Conversational Sessions Work

Jenna offers 60-minute coaching video sessions via Zoom and in-person sessions for Denver residents. She typically meet with clients 2x per month, but packages are tailored to your needs. Packages are renewable and available for commitments of 3, 6 or 12 months. Email and text support is provided between sessions.


One Step Forward

3-Month Coaching Package (6 Sessions)

$100/ hour session

Ideal For: Figuring out if life coaching is right for you and what next steps look like in order to manifest your vision and create the changes you seek.

Logistics: We’ll use one on one conversations to explore your current life situation and identify a path to inspire, guide, and create change that aligns with the life you’d like to manifest.

Experience: Begin to explore your inner truth, identify and clarify your aspirations, and recognize your struggles and restraints.


Take a Leap

6-Month Coaching Package (12 sessions)

$95/ hour session

Ideal For: Gaining self awareness, implementing changes to accomplish your goals, and building consistency around them.

Logistics: We’ll use one on one conversations to explore and gain awareness of how your beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors play out in your life. Identify the ones that serve your highest good, notice the ones that do not serve you, and start to experiment with new ways of replacing what doesn’t serve you.

Experience: Start to see real change in your life and gain increased awareness of your current unconscious/conscious beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors.



12-Month Coaching Package (24 sessions)

$90/ hour session

Ideal For: Giving yourself the gift of consistency and dedication by committing to show up for yourself for 12 consecutive months.

Logistics: We’ll use one on one conversations to achieve your goals by creating the environment for to you gain insights and awareness. Through this process you will become clear on where you live from and be able to identify when your thoughts, feelings, and actions are coming from a place of your highest good and when they are not.

Experience: Learn how to navigate life with ease and show up for yourself when you need it most. Learn to accept life’s ups and downs and flow with them so you can show up in the world with joy, grace, and peace.


How does Jenna define Life Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful form of support and empowerment that enables you to manifest the life you want to create. It focuses on specific goals and steps needed to attain those goals while honoring your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. This process is both linear with goals, steps, and homeplay between sessions and non-linear in that it involves self inquiry, reflection, and space to explore. I have found the non-linear work to be the most powerful in creating change.

Motivation, Inspiration, Guidance

A professional life coach is not a consultant, therapist, or advice-giver. The underlying assumption of coaching is that you are naturally whole, complete, creative, and resourceful. You already have everything you need and through the process of remembering and connecting to what is already within you, you are able to detach from unproductive thought patterns and make revolutionary changes in your life.

I’m here to witness your essence, support you in connecting to yourself, help you to dream bigger, and generate personal responsibility and ownership to empower you to take the necessary steps to manifest those dreams. I am passionate about showing up for you and witnessing you step into the person you know you can become. My approach is specific to each of my clients because we are all unique plants that need different conditions to grow.

An Investment in Yourself

Together we will design a plan that fulfills your needs and aspirations. I certainly don’t have all the answers but I am constantly learning, growing, and walking this path myself. That means I am jumping in the water with you so we can swim to shore together. Coaching accelerates the journey you are already on by providing greater focus, structure, accountability, and feedback.

This is an invitation to invest in yourself. I will help you to access your own wisdom, inner strengths, and act on it!


About Jenna

Jenna's mission is for people to experience connection and raw freedom.  Having gone on her own tranformational journey, involving 1+ year of solo travel, hiking in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, Vipassana meditation, an ashram in India, and plant medicine in the Amazon jungle of Peru, Jenna's view of the world has greatly shifted over the last 5 years. Her personal experience of freedom, inspired Jenna to found Venture Beyond, a life coaching practice serving clients through the vehicles of conversation, mindfulness, travel, and plant medicine. She is committed to helping others gain clarity by breaking through limiting beliefs, the stories we tell ourselves, and our rationalizing justifications to ultimately embody and expand into our personal power, allowing the beauty that’s always been there to emerge! Jenna has an MA in Social Organizational Psychology from Colombia University and a BA in international management and organizational behavior from Boston University.


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