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Tea & Tarot, April 29th, 11:11-12:12pm MT FREE

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Tea, connection & tarot cards. yay! Facilitated by Corinna Lander & Carrie Lowe

If you feel called please join us in Circle to celebrate sharing, connection, tarot card trade & intentional journaling.

Bring your own deck of tarot/guidance cards if you wish to share with others!

It might be nice to set up with a cup of tea, sitting pillow, journal, and blanket beforehand.  



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We partner with Carrie from Solbreath to offer twice-weekly Breathwork workshops.

Caroline Lowe is a certified breathwork guide, certified energy therapist (IET®), and life long student of shamanism.  She has been practicing personal growth for 20 years through yoga, acupuncture, tapping, mindscape, and various other modalities. 

Along her journey, she also practiced as a veterinarian, a midwife assistant, and a healing yoga instructor. Her adventures have allowed her to connect with a variety of people with all types of experiences from all over the world. 

Carrie is dedicated to spreading love around the world and embracing authenticity.  She does this by sharing breathwork and transformational guidance for others to receive the message of their beautiful souls.

Most importantly she wants you to know that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN and ALWAYS have access to your highest potential.