Conscious Breathwork with SolBreath

Conscious Breathwork with SolBreath

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This is a chance for you to experience breathwork in the comfort of your home. This will be a typical SolBreath session and you will have time to ask questions before the session begins. There will also be a time to share and comment after the session. 

SolBreath is a type of breathwork created specifically as a modern twist to an ancient breathwork technique to offer an efficient, upbeat self-healing experience for everyone. Currently, the Navy Seals, Nike, and Upgrade labs are offering this type of breathwork to help decrease stress and anxiety and increase performance, happiness and health. During this experience, you will be guided into a breathing pattern to create whatever healing or detoxification your body needs. Some people call it a human superpower and some people call it years of therapy without saying a word.  

The session is done lying on a mat while music is played to inspire both motivation and relaxation. It begins with an opening guided meditation and is followed by a circular, continuous breath pattern much like a workout for the lungs. This elicits an extended period of stillness which can feel like the most amazing runners high, a clearing to receive abundant insights or a deep rejuvenation for the body. If you have an open mind, it’s a must try to see what the CONSCIOUS BREATHWORK hype is all about in L.A., NYC, and healing retreats around the world!


Things to do before the session:

Consider a light snack or breakfast vs a large meal beforehand.

Set a space where you will not be disturbed and feel safe.

Turn your phone off.

If you are new to SolBreath you will be sent a waiver form to sign prior to the session.

The link to SolBreath on Zoom will be sent to you after registration.  If you have not yet signed a consent form with SolBreath this will also be sent to you. 

Get your yoga mat, blanket, pillow, and water bottle ready! 


**It’s best not to eat a large meal within the hour before the session.  

**Also, this practice may be contraindicated if you have or are being treated for an illness/disease (especially heart or lung issues), mental health issue, or are pregnant. Please speak with your health care professional before participating.

Please email with questions.


We have moved event signups to Eventbrite to ensure timely delivery of confirmation! 


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Caroline Lowe is a certified breathwork guide, certified energy therapist (IET®), and life long student of shamanism.  She has been practicing personal growth for 20 years through yoga, acupuncture, tapping, mindscape, and various other modalities. 

Along her journey, she also practiced as a veterinarian, a midwife assistant, and a healing yoga instructor. Her adventures have allowed her to connect with a variety of people with all types of experiences from all over the world. 

Carrie is dedicated to spreading love around the world and embracing authenticity.  She does this by sharing breathwork and transformational guidance for others to receive the message of their beautiful souls.

Most importantly she wants you to know that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN and ALWAYS have access to your highest potential.