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Sales Bootcamp with our Founder & Sales Executive Natalie Levy

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This Sales Bootcamp series will meet weekly for 6 weeks kicking off in January 2021 to dive into your messaging, strategy, and tech stack for sales automation and scale. You will receive take-home exercises and live support to help you build and optimize your revenue machine.

The Bootcamp will be offered as a self-led learning series for those unable to join us live for the kickoff January 26th @ 12pm MT!

In this Sales Bootcamp series we will:

  • Review go-to-market optimizations and sales funnels
  • Discuss the framework needed to optimize and scale your sales processes
  • Introduce sales strategy for businesses of various types and stages
  • Review Best Practices
  • Work with you around implementation of tech and messaging into your business
  • Offer Live Q&A and support through the experience


Self-led instruction, videos, and exercises will be provided to those who can't join us live this January. 

Session 1: Messaging for scale

Session 2: Let's implement some tech

Session 3: Pricing and navigating the close

Session 4: Tracking attribution & Metrics

Session 5: Learning & Optimizing

Session 6: Reviewing results + Getting more strategic

Next up, we'll dive into Messaging. How do you craft messages that resonate with your ICP and buyer to convert them to a call, workshop, or to be a customer? 

From there, we'll work on implementing this messaging into your tech stack. Both across LinkedIn and Email automation.

Finally, let's talk about pricing and conversions. You want to win business, but pushing back and negotiating isn't something that comes easily to many of us. What are you doing to test pricing and learn about your market and value?

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About Natalie Levy 

Natalie is a business development strategist with hands on experience in enterprise sales. She holds a BSE of Industrial Engineering and minor in Mathematics graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Michigan. Her career includes derivatives trading experience at Citigroup and enterprise data sales and operations roles at numerous technology businesses including Bloomberg and early stage ventures. She led business development efforts for private equity investor Turn/River Capital which was focused around SaaS optimizations. She has made a number of angel investments and is actively evaluating early-stage businesses and offering support as an advisor. 

She consults around go-to-market and sales optimizations, in addition to professional development and mentorship with a focus on negotiation.


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