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Private Therapy with July Hill

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The path to healing comes from within. The movement therapy sessions are one-on-one. They are designed to help you relieve pain, tension, discomfort, or anxiety.  We'll look at your body's current muscle movement patterns and identify opportunities to move more purely with greater function and ease.  You'll gain awareness for which movements are bringing in strain and tension through compensating muscles and learn to quiet them.  Our muscle patterns change based on the physical and emotional load we experience. Gaining greater awareness from where we are moving from allows us to change and bring the body back into moving how it was designed to.   

My clients reach goals they didn't feel were possible such as:
~Moving through daily life pain free
~Participating in a favorite sport or activity without tension and strain
~Gettig back into shape with a customized home practice

I work with clients of all ages with varying physical abilities and conditions to reach their goals.  It is my passion to share healing techniques and help individuals live a healthier and happier life! 

You can schedule a session in person at my studio space located in downtown Littleton or via Zoom online. 

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Julie Hill is a Yoga Therapist, Personal Trainer & Reiki Energy Healer, teaching in the community for over 15 years.  She is passionate helping others eliminate pain and get back to doing the activities they love. 
You can learn more about Julie through her website