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Mindset & Intention Break with Marisa Faye

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It's time to put yourself back on the to-do list. Join us for a short guided meditation that's spicy just like we are. 

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"This short 20-min break was a great reset, truly needed in this remote-work world. I now think about confidence in a totally different way, and see it goes hand-in-hand with truth and grace. I have been practicing my intention throughout the month and I'm noticing a shift in my mindset that's lasted well beyond the event. Thank you, Marisa!" -Bridget


Marisa Faye, MPH, FNTP, RYT, is She's Independent Holistic Wellness Coach, a Functional Nutritionist, & Wellness Expert

Marisa’s (she/her/hers) first word was why - exemplifying her curious mindset and intuitive nature. After putting herself through college and graduating with honors, her career and her own healing journey took off at lightning speed with her work in womxn’s empowerment and health equity in juvenile detention. Supporting these bright young minds led to her own a-ha where she spent every free moment learning about mindfulness, nutrition, and how to make peace with her plus-size body. In order to support other womxn and girls in their healing, Marisa completed a Masters in Public Health and training as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. Some of her favorite roles in her career include developing holistic health courses for other health professionals, leading womxn’s retreats, creating and delivering wellness workshops for workplaces, partnering with nonprofits to deliver real and reliable health information, teaching meditation & yoga, and supporting her private clients through her one-to-one and group work as a functional nutritionist. Marisa’s open heart, inquisitive mind, and no B.S. way of talking about true health and wellness is what draws people to her. She is honored to serve the She’s Independent community as an educator, seeker and healer proving that what seem like opposites - empathy, leadership, softness, strength - can happily coexist in one badass woman. You can find her at, on Instagram at, and dropping into or leading She’s Independent Events & Courses.


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