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Yoga Therapy with July Hill

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Learn the Language of Your Body with Julie Hill through Somatic Awareness & Yoga Therapy 

Gain a clearer understanding of how your body communicates with you. We'll focus on growing awareness for our internal environment and how it is responding to recent events. Daily stress whether from a busy schedule or busy mind creates tension and fatigue within us. We'll practice simple yet effective strategies to support and bring balance into our body, mind, and life. This class includes combining myofascial release, somatic awareness, and therapeutic yoga to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce discomfort or pain, and improve energy and sleep. Simply learning to BE MORE PRESENT TO OUR BODY'S LANGUAGE rather than moving from "Auto-Pilot". 

Helpful things to have for your practice:
-Tennis ball or smaller soft ball (not golf ball), hand massage tool, or a firm water bottle
-Firm blanket, beach or bath towel (less fluffy is better)
-Belt or strap  


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Julie Hill is a Yoga Therapist, Personal Trainer & Reiki Energy Healer, teaching in the community for over 15 years.  She is passionate helping others eliminate pain and get back to doing the activities they love. 
You can learn more about Julie through her website