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Growth Mindset for Entrepreneurs/Business Leaders - Webinar, 12/11, 12pm EDT

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This webinar, led by Tiff Willson, serial entrepreneur and founder of will go over tools and strategies to help you define your growth mindset to continue to reach your goals for success. Understand what is blocking you from taking your business to the next step, embracing failure and getting comfortable jumping outside your comfort zone. 

Tiff Willson is a keynote speaker and technology startup entrepreneur building products for the interior remodeling industry. Today she is the co-founder and CEO of a remodeling platform that has a community of over 1 million users. Tiff has been featured in the New York Times,, WeWork Creator, Mashable and more. Tiff is excited to provide business tools and guidance for fellow entrepreneurs in the She's Independent community. Tiff partners with the She's Independent community around professional development through workshops and interactive content initiatives.


growth mindset for entrepreneurs and business leaders