Testimonials from the Community

"She's Independent aligns so well with my values and passions. I have recommended their mentorship and events to my entire network of friends and have received so much positive feedback."  -Marcey


“She’s independent has an amazing network of like-minded, driven women who want to help one another succeed. They have great resources for professional development which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and have even passed to some of my direct reports so they can learn and grow from this amazing community! I particularly loved the negotiating webinar as it is a skill that many women should embrace for their careers."  -Kristin


She's Independent community member Paige invites you to join us!



"Thanks so much for pushing me and allowing me to do something different that I have done in years! You bring so much and are amazing at what you do!" - Rachael 


"What a great group of womxn! We went into a fascinating discussion on holistic health that made me aware of some of the gaps in our health system and got me thinking about my wellness in a new way." - Bridget