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carol piro, sound healer

Carol Piro, Sound Healer and Voice Empowerment Coach

Carol delivers Sound Healing and Voice Empowerment programs across the country from Vermont to Southern California. Her work reflects a blend of lifelong passions and training in the healing arts and vocal performance. She has professionally delivered in this capacity since 1993. She holds a B.S. from the University of Connecticut in Human Development and Family Relations, which was followed by professional certifications with the founders and master teachers of Holographic Sound Healing, Transformational Breath, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Shamanic Hummingbird Medicine and the International Institute of Reflexology. Currently stationed in Memphis, TN, at The HART Center, she partners with our community to offer twice monthly MoonTone Meditations and voice empowerment coaching. Learn more at


Caroline Lowe, Certified Energy Therapist (IET)

Carrie is a certified breathwork guide, certified energy therapist (IET®), and life long student of shamanism.  She has been practicing personal growth for 20 years through yoga, acupuncture, tapping, mindscape, and various other modalities. 

Along her journey, she also practiced as a veterinarian, a midwife assistant, and a healing yoga instructor. Her adventures have allowed her to connect with a variety of people with all types of experiences from all over the world. 

Carrie is dedicated to spreading love around the world and embracing authenticity.  She does this by sharing breathwork and transformational guidance for others to receive the message of their beautiful souls.

Most importantly she wants you to know that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN and ALWAYS have access to your highest potential. Workshopping with Carrie accessible here!


Jenna Sezionale Basilicato, Life Coach, Yin Yoga, & Hiking Guide
Jenna's mission is for people to experience connection and raw freedom.  Having gone on her own transformational journey, involving 1+ year of solo travel, hiking in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, Vipassana meditation, an ashram in India, and plant medicine in the Amazon jungle of Peru, Jenna's view of the world has greatly shifted over the last 5 years. Her personal experience of freedom inspired Jenna to found Venture Beyond, a life coaching practice serving clients through the vehicles of conversation, mindfulness, travel, and plant medicine. She is committed to helping others gain clarity by breaking through limiting beliefs, the stories we tell ourselves, and our rationalizing justifications to ultimately embody and expand into our personal power, allowing the beauty that’s always been there to emerge! Jenna has an MA in Social Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a BA in international management and organizational behavior from Boston University.
Dr. Soyona Rafatjah
Dr. Soyona Rafatjah, Medical Director, PrimeHealth

Dr. Soyona Rafatjah is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and Co-Founder and Medical Director of PrimeHealth, in Denver. She offers evidence-based, and personalized programs in reversing: IBSHypothyroidism and Type 2 Diabetes, and also Concierge Primary Care. Dr. Rafatjah is passionate about helping her patients reach their health goals. She helps them to address the root cause of their issues and focus on disease prevention in addition to treatment. With the knowledge and tools she gives them, her patients feel in control of their own health.

Through an intimate, patient-physician partnership, and a whole-body approach, she and her patients develop a personalized treatment plan which adjusts to their needs and environment over time. To learn more about PrimeHealth and to schedule a free consultation, check out their website at 


Dr. Nicole Barile, Clinical Psychologist and certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant
Dr. Nicole Barile is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant practicing in New York, and her mission is to educate people on the power of food and lifestyle practices on the path to mental and emotional wellness. She's trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and has extensive experience treating anxiety and mood disorders, with a specialization in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. As a nutritional psychologist, Dr. Barile's approach combines evidence-based psychological practices with nutrition science, creating a comprehensive treatment plan that includes food and lifestyle practices. She earned her PhD from Hofstra, but still found time to indulge her passion for drums playing in Goody Proctor, a two-piece rock band with her husband. Learn more at



Dr. Patty Stott, Holistic Health Practitioner and Physical Therapist
Dr. Patty Stott is a holistic health practitioner and physical therapist outside of metropolitan Denver. She specializes in orthopedics and chronic illnesses, including a specialty in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. With a growing interest in holistic health, Dr. Stott furthered has training in Functional Medicine, Reiki energy work, and visceral (organ) manipulation to be able to address the whole of the patient. She can be found in office at Elevation Wellness in Arvada, CO for manual and/or energy work or for tele appointments in health and wellness both in office and via tele appointment. Learn more about her practice at