Empowerment through Rock Climbing

a Colorado woman scales the rock at the climbing gym


We love to climb.

Rock climbing empowers us through its mental focus, strength building, and success achieved through scaling walls together.

Who are we? A group of women passionate about community and empowerment. 

New and experienced climbers welcome!

Join our monthly climb in Denver. We partner with inspirational women and local businesses to bring growth conversation and intention to these events. You can also check out additional community events here.

Hear from community member Marcey as she shares her journey of empowerment through climbing. Boulder-based, she will be leading upcoming workshops in and out of the gym.

Be Independent,



empowerment through our rock climbing community

Want climbing updates but not in Denver area or not yet ready to jump on the wall? Sign up here!

Interested in mentorship & professional development? Check out our monthly mentorship + office hours in Denver and 1:1 mentorship available in-person and remote.

Prefer to be inspired by others empowerment journeys on our blog?

women's empowerment through rock climbing, founder Natalie Levy scales the wall outside Denver