Empowerment through Life Transitions

empowerment through life transitions, divorce, empty nesting, women's community


We love community.

Conversations and support from strong women who have experienced transition and growth in their lives is so inspiring to us.

We are here to share these stories and be your community.

Interested in connecting with more women for a book club or walking group who share our mission of empowerment? How about connecting with us for full and new moon meditations?

Do you feel confident managing your finances? We're here to walk you through basic concepts and offer advice as you navigate a divorce or how to step into the role of managing your finances. It's such an important area to invest in for your independence. It can make you ill with stress if you don't!

We are active in Denver and Ann Arbor with community events, but are ready to grow into additional cities with your help. Let us know if this sounds interesting. Email Natalie@shesindependent.com.


Be Independent,



full moon ceremony, empowerment through transitions