About She's Independent


After the loss of her mother to suicide at the beginning of 2019, Natalie found herself craving community and connection with other womxn. She noticed a lack of resources and services that supported the whole woman - a woman who finds herself in transition often - who wants to give it her all in her career, in her relationships, and in caring for herself. She founded She’s Independent to cultivate that space in the world. 

Simultaneously, Marisa, a functional nutritionist passionate about health equity, was looking to find a way to support more of her clients who seemed to struggle without the community and support to truly flourish in their health and in their professional lives. She and Natalie instantly connected and realized they shared in the vision of She’s Independent. 

Together, Natalie Levy and Marisa Faye are the complementary power team that represents what the whole woman needs to thrive today. Natalie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in business and finances, while Marisa is an expert in mindfulness and physical health. It is their belief that a woman who succeeds is a woman who is rich in body, mind, and community.

She’s Independent offers a place where no woman is “too much”, and where she can cultivate her knowledge, connection, and skills in business, personal health, and mindset to truly be independent.

Independence (n.) - Able to navigate life with confidence, intention, and vibrancy. Able to navigate the uncomfortable and the unknown. She can face anything.

She’s Independent offers regular nourishment and wellness through weekly yoga & mindfulness classes, monthly workshops spanning the personal to the professional, mentorship opportunities, self-paced courses, and personal coaching to help you cultivate your independence.


Welcome to a life of Independence.

-Natalie & Marisa