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She's Independent Founder Natalie Levy in Denver

We are a community empowering women like you.

She's Independent was started by  Natalie Levy in early 2019 following the loss of her mother to suicide. Along her journey of healing and growth she realized she needed to get more deeply involved in women's empowerment. She had always been passionate on the topic pushing boundaries herself from a young age. She experienced the need for mentorship of young women given the ongoing culture challenges she faced in male-dominated environments from engineering coursework to trading derivatives and working with various tech companies, and now from a more personal angle.

Who are we here for?

We're here to scale walls with you. We have a rock climbing group perfect for the novice to the experienced. Rock climbing is such an empowering activity from working around obstacles as we scale the wall together to the deep mental focus required. 

Looking to level up in your professional journey? We offer mentorship and regular workshops addressing the strategy, mindset, and confidence you need for success.

We are a community here to support and inspire you. Maybe you find yourself lost when attempting to manage personal finances for the first time in your life following divorce. Or maybe you’re experiencing loneliness around empty nesting and you’re looking for an inspiring community of women.

We’re here for you. We will help you understand basic finances and set financial goals together. We can be your badass business coach & mentor through interactive workshops online and off to support your career transitions and business launches. We share inspiring stories from other women who have grown through life transitions and business ventures.

It's a big mission. Our partnership with community leaders and practitioners allows us to cover a lot of ground. Who are our partners? We are a group of skilled professionals with backgrounds spanning business to healthcare. We are passionate about empowering those who identify as women and promoting gender equality.

What are you looking for? Let us know how we can help.


Sound Interesting?


 Be Independent,


Natalie Levy climbing at Clear Creek Canyon
Natalie climbing at Clear Creek Canyon.