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Afternoon Vinyasa Yoga, on hold

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Join Jenn at The Working Well on your lunch break. We’ll have community and connection through mid-day Vinyasa Level 1-2 yoga. Invite family, friends, coworkers, dogs, kids, and anyone else who could use a little yoga!
Vinyasa yoga combines breath and movement to get the body flowing while turning your attention inwards to yourself and the present moment. This practice will re-energize your mind and body, giving you the reset you need to be productive and intentional with the rest of your day. Roll out your mat and bring a pillow, blanket, strap/belt, and/or block. These items may help enhance your experience, but are not necessary.

This is a donation-based class! Donations are welcome but we welcome any and all.
Please feel free to share what body parts or themes you want to focus on!


Please note we are offering this for FREE and as a donation-based class given the global environment. We would appreciate you sharing this class and our mission with friends. You can also sign up for our community starting at $12/month.

Please plan to arrive a few minutes early so that you are able to sign in by the start time! (Webinar details sent upon registering via the link at the top of this page.)


About Jennifer Wink

Jenn is a dedicated 200-RYT (yoga teacher) trained in Vinyasa, an Ultimate Portion Fix-certified Nutrition Coach, and a health and fitness coach committed to holistic health, truth, and transformative community. Through recovering from numerous traumatic brain injuries, Jenn discovered that combining balanced nutrition, exercise, and mindful living was the only way to truly heal herself. She became more productive, intentional, and thoughtful than ever before. She is a strong advocate that no matter who you are or what you do, you can benefit from mindful living and healthy eating and is here to show you how.