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This series covers all things mental health & wellness. We will cover concepts that you can put into practice, from building awareness to developing skills to optimize your health and perspective.

In our next conversation July 14th we will connect with Dr. Soyona. Are you familiar with the medicinal benefits of CBD from managing anxiety to reducing inflammation and menstrual cramps?

You can access our April 8th recording here around investing in mental health through the quarantine and beyond.
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Panelist Bios
Natalie Levy, Founder

Passionate about pushing boundaries and being independent from a young age, she holds a BSE of Industrial Engineering and minor in Mathematics graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Michigan. She has held roles in derivatives trading at Citigroup, enterprise data sales and operations at numerous technology businesses including Bloomberg and early stage ventures. She led business development efforts for private equity investor Turn/River Capital which was focused around SaaS optimizations and has made a handful of angel investments. She currently resides in Denver with her loving rescue pup Bina.

Natalie launched following the loss of her mother to suicide. Natalie has heavily invested in perspective and healthy living over the last decade and now advocates for mental health awareness and through her business works with individuals to grow their perspectives and skills to appreciate life.

Sarah Byrne

Sarah works with women to help them understand the story their bodies are telling them through using their menstrual cycle-a perfect guide to helping you utilize your natural energy rhythms and hormonal changes! 



You can access our full event's calendar here which includes nourishment, healing, and empowerment through conversation and community.


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