monotone meditation and sound healing with Carol Piro
MOONTONE MEDITATION --- twice monthly webinar

MOONTONE MEDITATION --- twice monthly webinar

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Next Up: Feb 9th, 5pm PT/ 6pm MT/ 8pm ET

Partnered with Sound Healer and Voice Empowerment Coach, Carol Piro, MoonTone Meditations are offered at the new & full moon.

Our bodies innately align with the rhythm and cycles of the moon. 

During the night of the dark moon (new moon) it is most beneficial to meditate, be introspective and reflective when the moon is at its lowest point and focus our energy on what it is that we desire to create in our lives. 

When the moon is full and at its highest point energetically, it is time to be more externally expansive and express gratitude for the manifestations that have sprung forth. 

This cyclical sway of energy exists inside each of us influencing a waxing and waning between self-reflection (listening) and self-expression (vocalizing). 

Carol offers healing sound vibrations at the new moon to amplify the energy of intention and at the full moon to celebrate manifestations. 

Tune in for a 30-minute healing and empowering experience: 

* Sound healing meditation

* Interactive chakra toning

* Goddess card reading specific to the collective group energy

* Sharing & witnessing intentions and manifestations voluntarily offered by participants


MoonTone Meditations are accessible anywhere offered via Zoom Videoconferencing. Link sent upon registration.

All genders welcome but we require participants to be supportive of our mission of empowering womxn.

More information:

Carol Piro delivers Sound Healing and Voice Empowerment programs across the country from Vermont to Southern California. Her work reflects a blend of lifelong passions and training in the healing arts and vocal performance. She has professionally delivered in this capacity since 1993. She holds a B.S. from the University of Connecticut in Human Development and Family Relations, which was followed by professional certifications with the founders and master teachers of Holographic Sound Healing, Transformational Breath, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Shamanic Hummingbird Medicine and the International Institute of Reflexology. Currently stationed in Memphis, TN, at The HART Center, she partners with our community to offer twice monthly MoonTone Meditations at the new and full moon and other web-based events and programs. Learn more at

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