Truth Spirals + People Magic with Jenna and Venture Beyond

Truth Spirals + People Magic with Jenna and Venture Beyond

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In this workshop series kicking off July 9th from 5-7pm MT with Jenna you will Venture Beyond the ordinary. She calls it People Magic. Through exercises designed to connect you to others and to yourself, you will grow your capacity to listen, be seen, and ask questions from a place of curiosity. You will take a raw, real, and intimate journey with other brave souls into Truth while uncovering your authenticity and biases along the way. You will grow from discomfort and most likely laugh and cry as you explore your vulnerabilities and boundaries.

Join us to go deeper, uncover and nourish yourself along the way, and then integrate these learnings into everyday life.

We couldn't be bigger fans of Jenna's work. Her experience and passion truly shine in the way she holds space and in setting the stage for your journey of connection and people magic.

You can also get to know Jenna through her Yin Yoga class.


This is a 6-month series delivered through monthly two-hour virtual sessions.

This class is currently donation-based. We recommend donations monthly in the amount of $30 but All Are Welcome.
You are signing up for the pilot and then are able to determine if you would like to commit to the 6-month program from there.

This course starts with virtual delivery and may end up having an offline Denver-area group in the future.


About Jenna

Jenna's mission is for people to experience connection and raw freedom. Having gone on her own tranformational journey, involving 1+ year of solo travel, hiking in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, Vipassana meditation, an ashram in India, and plant medicine in the Amazon jungle of Peru, Jenna's view of the world has greatly shifted over the last 5 years. Her personal experience of freedom, inspired Jenna to found Venture Beyond, a life coaching practice serving clients through the vehicles of conversation, mindfulness, travel, and plant medicine. She is committed to helping others gain clarity by breaking through limiting beliefs, the stories we tell ourselves, and our rationalizing justifications to ultimately embody and expand into our personal power, allowing the beauty that’s always been there to emerge! Jenna has an MA in Social Organizational Psychology from Colombia University and a BA in international management and organizational behavior from Boston University.