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Colorado Climbing Club!

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We love to empower ourselves through climbing rocks.

Rock climbing is a great way to expand our minds and strengthen our bodies. It requires that we accept failure and then demonstrates our growth as we scale harder routes as we navigate obstacles up the wall.

The sport requires concentration and helps us invest in building a mindset that appreciates the present and states of meditation.

We appreciate the community element. But love that we can grab our shoes and chalk bag and hit some boulders when we're riding solo.

These climbs will highlight community leaders and professionals who will kick the session off with an inspiring conversation. Intention matters. We love diving into topics from confidence and risk taking to mindset and professional development.

Where: Earth Treks, Golden

Next date: October 16th @ 6-8:15pm MT [SOLD OUT]


More information:

All genders welcome but we require participants to be supportive of our mission of empowering women.

You will receive FREE rentals climbing with our group -- a $12 value -- but will still require a day pass if you aren't a member of the gym.


Our reservation is from 6pm but please arrive BEFORE 6:30pm! The gym has strict requirements given the environment today and has made special arrangements for our group to meet and climb.

If you are new to this gym you should also try to sign this waiver online to speed up the check-in process!