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Self-Compassion & Self-Leadership with Martina, collecting interest

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In this workshop Martina Felderman will empower you to bring more awareness to beliefs that are standing in the way of getting what you want. As a molecular biologist and passionate rock climber, she has a deep understanding of how stress and lack of exercise affect overall health, fulfillment, and performance. 

Her coaching philosophy offers a unique blend of scientifically proven techniques and holistic approaches. This shift in awareness allows individuals to take productive and sustainable action. They tap into their full potential and thrive in career and life. 

In this workshop she will introduce an assessment tool to figure out how much of our potential we’re stepping into and how much we leave on the table, especially under stress.


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About Martina Felderman

Martina’s passion is to uplift and empower people. From corporate managers to non-profit professionals and entrepreneurs, Martina supports her clients to become successful leaders, leaders of their own lives. She strongly believes that leadership starts from within by raising one’s consciousness.

With a Ph.D. in molecular biology and over 600 hours of coach training & coaching, Martina has a unique combination of a scientific mind and a deep understanding of mindfulness and awareness. She spent 15 years as a molecular biologist in the scientific industry and acted as researcher, mentor and Chief Operating Officer of a biotech company before starting her own coaching business.




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