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Coaching with Marisa Faye (virtual & offline)

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Looking for support and strategies to integrate the personal version of you with the professional version of you? Marisa's got you with her speciality in mindset, energy balancing, and helping womxn tune into their own authentic voice.

This package creates an opportunity for you to build skills and grow your competencies that you not only can apply to yourself, but can help you lead others, and be a more effective part of a team. We've noticed there's not much separation between your own personal health and that of your career, so Marisa weaves these two together to support your goals and help you work towards fulfilling your dreams. 

This package offers 1:1 coaching with our Wellness Expert & Coach Marisa virtually. 

Here's what her clients have to say about her:

"Marisa is amazing! She was such a joy to work with. You end up talking about very personal things and she creates a safe space to share that information. Her curiosity and knowledge make you feel like she is there to help you, not to judge."
~ Katie

"I am amazed at the changes I’ve had since working with Marisa. I feel like the quality of my life has improved past the point I thought I would ever see. "



About Marisa:

Marisa Faye, MPH FNTP RYT is our Community Leader, Functional Nutritionist & Wellness Expert.

Marisa’s (she/her/hers) first word was why - exemplifying her curious mindset and intuitive nature. After putting herself through college and graduating with honors, her career and her own healing journey took off at lightning speed with her work in womxn’s empowerment and health equity in juvenile detention. Supporting these bright young minds led to her own a-ha where she spent every free moment learning about mindfulness, nutrition, and how to make peace with her plus-size body. In order to support other womxn and girls in their healing, Marisa completed a Masters in Public Health and training as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. Some of her favorite roles in her career include developing holistic health courses for other health professionals, leading womxn’s retreats, creating and delivering wellness workshops for workplaces, partnering with nonprofits to deliver real and reliable health information, teaching meditation & yoga, and supporting her private clients through her one-to-one and group work as a functional nutritionist. Marisa’s open heart, inquisitive mind, and no B.S. way of talking about true health and wellness is what draws people to her. She is honored to serve the She’s Independent community as an educator, seeker and healer proving that what seem like opposites - empathy, leadership, softness, strength - can happily coexist in one badass woman. You can find her at, on Instagram, and dropping into or leading She’s Independent Events & Courses.


More information:

Community Membership additionally offers a monthly co-working and office hours session where you can get some questions answered. However, this package offers 1:1 deeper support over a handful of sessions that build on one another.

She's Independent founder & mentor Natalie Levy is a business development strategist with hands on experience in enterprise sales. She holds a BSE of Industrial Engineering and minor in Mathematics graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Michigan. Her career includes derivatives trading experience at Citigroup and enterprise data sales and operations roles at numerous technology businesses including Bloomberg and early stage ventures. She led business development efforts for private equity investor Turn/River Capital which was focused around SaaS optimizations. She has made a number of angel investments and is actively evaluating early-stage businesses and offering support as an advisor. 

She consults around go-to-market and sales optimizations, in addition to professional development and mentorship with a focus on negotiation. She has personally negotiated compensation increases of 40+% with prior employers.

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