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  • Money DOESN’T Grow on Trees -- it was a little disturbing to see how your search terms were ranking

    As a women’s empowerment community we love covering the topics of personal finance and investing. They aren’t the sole inputs leading to an empowered or fulfilled life, but they are important pieces to the puzzle of confidence and autonomy. 
  • Women in Bathing Suits still hitting my LinkedIn Feed - A Call To Action

    #Metoo and related news stories are the norm today. Public sexual harassment seems pretty out of style, compared to what we were used to in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, but it still happens.

    Our founder captures a recent confrontation with it here and offers actionable steps to improve your environment and workplace culture.

  • Four Steps to Improving Your Informational Interviews

    Effective informational interviews can help you land a great job, but bad ones can be both frustrating and counterproductive. 

    Here are four lessons I’ve learned from talking with job-seekers and recruiters to help make your informational interviews more efficient and effective.

  • On making a life change & what it's like for a young woman on wall street

    I felt magnetized to the hype of Wall Street circa 2004, with its promise of wealth, power, and a good time, and the fact that it was a boy’s club wasn’t going to stop me.

    A few years in, I started to question things.

  • Let's close this pay gap

    Women earn just $0.79 compared to every dollar a man earns. It's not just about confidence.

    Let’s talk about actionable steps you can take to change this.