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  • Money DOESN’T Grow on Trees -- it was a little disturbing to see how your search terms were ranking

    As a women’s empowerment community we love covering the topics of personal finance and investing. They aren’t the sole inputs leading to an empowered or fulfilled life, but they are important pieces to the puzzle of confidence and autonomy. 
  • What is Regenerative Agriculture and Why should you care?

    Regenerative agriculture can restore our health and our planet. Empower yourself with the facts and let's invest in a regenerative future together.
  • Women in Bathing Suits still hitting my LinkedIn Feed - A Call To Action

    #Metoo and related news stories are the norm today. Public sexual harassment seems pretty out of style, compared to what we were used to in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, but it still happens.

    Our founder captures a recent confrontation with it here and offers actionable steps to improve your environment and workplace culture.

  • One Climber's Journey to Empowerment

    Avid adventurer Marcey Hess shares her passion and journey with rock climbing walking us through the personal growth and empowerment she acquired alongside new skills and perspective on the rock face.
  • 5 Steps to Finding Your Voice at the Doctor

    It's hard to advocate for yourself, especially when you're sick. Here are five ways to reclaim your voice in medical management
  • The Looming Empty Nest: One Mother’s Mindful Journey

    No woman wants a marital separation to coincide with an impending empty nest, but this is what happened to me. How did I catch myself in a free fall of grief and disorientation? I discovered meditation. A daily practice was both the hardest, and easiest, way to move on in my life. 
  • On making a life change & what it's like for a young woman on wall street

    I felt magnetized to the hype of Wall Street circa 2004, with its promise of wealth, power, and a good time, and the fact that it was a boy’s club wasn’t going to stop me.

    A few years in, I started to question things.

  • PCOS, the Pill, and the Epiphany

    I spent a decade on the pill to manage my PCOS symptoms before I realized I had other options. Now I help people use food and lifestyle as tools to achieve health and empowerment.
  • My Solo Summer Vacation

    In my twenties, I had a hard time taking vacation days because where can you go with no money? I could only think of one viable option: Myrtle Beach.

  • Single & Independent in my 30s

    At 34, people often ask me why I'm still single.

    It has taken me years to uncover who I am and understand what I want out of life. 

    I'm not against marriage but I would rather be single than date someone I'm not into. #beindependent