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From a young age my mother taught me I could be whatever I wanted. 

I was regularly one of only a select few females taking advanced math and science courses. She often had to fight to get me into classes I was clearly qualified for. While working on wall street my father didn't understand my sharing with him that it was harder for a woman to be successful. 

Over the years it has become clear that most women have had a tougher professional and developmental journey than their counterparts. I have continually been impressed with the women I have worked with and often find that they have worked harder to gain their positions and professional confidence. 

Even with this hard work women are still only a fraction of executive roles and do not earn equal pay.

In many countries women are in danger just being born.

Our mission at She's Independent is to educate and spread awareness around women's health issues and promoting women's equality and independence.

We will cover various aspects of health and wellness from the physical to the mental, and explore additional topics that impact us every day.

We look forward to building this community with your support and would love to hear from you!


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