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You wake up and head to the coffee machine like a zombie. Your Pavlovian march toward that hot, dark, delicious liquid is second nature. You love grasping the hot mug; you need the caffeine rush.

What else do you prioritize on the daily? Do you check your email before you brush your teeth? Scroll through reports while you eat at your desk? Ditch your plans to curl up with a good book because you still have to meal plan for the week? 

We have a great idea. Let’s be more intentional. Let’s prioritize YOU.

As womxn, we are often caught up in the hustle of doing . Preparing food, taking care of others, and rushing around to do it all. We have heard women are better multitaskers than our gender counterparts—but just because we can, doesn’t mean we should

Down-time, nourishment, and grounding are critical for mental health. Especially in today’s world of political, virus-eating, social media-driven hurricane of content. If and when we get caught up for hours on-end taking care of the kids while we work from home, let us require a carve-out to ourselves. Even if it’s just enjoying a hot tea for a few minutes alone or taking  ten deep breaths on the front lawn.

Sometimes, we choose to floor it—pedal to the metal, juggling every ball. And sometimes, and that’s great! But it’s critical to stay aware of your needs.  Check in with yourself, asking:  am I running on fumes? Am I making myself ill?

Remember that you can’t be there for others if you don’t take care of yourself first.

I’ve shared a bit around the grief journey and trauma our family has gone through since 2019. Death and suicide loss carry a weight heavier than I can describe in words. I was so thankful to have developed the framework for mindfulness and to have had access to tools such as understanding nutrition to propel me through each day of darkness, until I was able to see a shimmer of light.

I love you mom, and I wish we had talked about this concept more often.


That wish is part of the drive behind She’s Independent: we’ve hosted more than a few workshops diving into mindset (check out investing in a healthy mindset through quarantine here) and are big fans of building self-awareness and skills to help us navigate life and anxieties. 

Looking to nourish your mind outside of your standard face mask & hot bath self-care routine? Check out our virtual paint night series. Creating with our hands and putting a brush to canvas has been one of the most rewarding activities for my brain in recent memory, and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking to invest in your mindset.

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About Natalie Levy, Founder & Mentor, She's Independent

Passionate about pushing boundaries and being independent from a young age, she holds a BSE of Industrial Engineering and minor in Mathematics graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Michigan. She has held roles in derivatives trading at Citigroup, enterprise data sales and operations at numerous technology businesses including Bloomberg and early stage ventures. She led business development efforts for private equity investor Turn/River Capital which was focused around SaaS optimizations and has made a handful of angel investments. She currently resides in Denver with her loving rescue pup Bina. Through She's Independent, Natalie offers coaching and mentorship from professional confidence and salary negotiation to business strategy, including go-to-market and fundraising.

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Dan Fink

I love you Natalie I am so glad you found something to address all of our pain. That’s such a beautiful picture of your mom that’s why I will always remember her I think she was a very independent woman and took care of us on some fashion but also tried to take care of her self until the last few years. I miss her every day

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