Money DOESN’T Grow on Trees -- it was a little disturbing to see how your search terms were ranking

As a women’s empowerment community we love covering the topics of personal finance and investing. They aren’t the sole inputs leading to an empowered or fulfilled life, but they are important pieces to the puzzle of confidence and autonomy. 

With a background spanning wall street trading and technology investing I can confidently say I’m well versed in topics from financial freedom to wealth creation. I am also well aware of wealth as a sole objective not leading to increasing fulfillment or happiness in life as seen by observing others and through my own life experiences.

In running analysis around search terms for those of you visiting businesses and websites similar to ours it was disturbing to see the amount of website traffic inquiring around ‘get rich quick schemes’ or looking to manifest money through mindset alone. More on this topic below...

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in manifestation. I’d be happy to chat particle physics and manifestation in another post, but at a high level would strongly agree that what you put out in terms of mindset and energy impacts your experiences and what you attract. That being said, just thinking about money doesn’t mean you’re going to be showered in green and gold.

The  amount of women joining low barrier-to-entry multi-level-marketing (MLM) schemes promising you a great side hustle are also worth addressing. We’ll get into that in a future post but while you’re here, if you are working for an MLM like BeautyCounter or DoTerra please check out our live survey. Participants will get full, unadulterated results. What are people actually spending on product and making in return? Hint: Many MLMs aren’t worth your time and their incentives are truly off.

Now for those disturbing search terms that we surfaced when we we ran some analysis across companies in our space were:

Money crystals

Manifesting money

Money Mantra

Money Affirmations

The list goes on but this should give you an idea of what people are doing to try to attract money into their lives. Do you think it’s working? 


a women holding bitcoin in front of her eyes attempting to manifest money


For more context on why we found this disturbing, these money magnet terms and phrases outweighed more pleasant and practical terms tenfold.  It would be awesome if you found us because you were looking for personal empowerment, curious about gaining new perspective, and looking for an awesome group of womxn to connect with. But that’s okay. We are big fans of awareness and the ability to enact change. Even if it spawns from a negative search term.


Take it from someone who has attracted money into her life, it’s not about sitting back and wishing on a stone.


Let’s look at the big picture. What does your job pay you today? And what are you spending? If you are able to save $20k a year, you’ll have $100k in five years. And if you invest it at 6%, in 20 years that $100k is $320k. Check out our conversations around salary negotiation and the fundamentals of personal finance for more on wealth creation.


Your career and personal finances are within your control. 


Maybe you want to make more? Instead of exerting energy into a side hustle that isn’t resulting in a solid ROI let’s work to land you a higher paying job, or negotiate a higher salary then where you are today. What’s a good salary today? It’s completely dependent on your lifestyle and goals. 

Congrats if you’re still with us. Now try this on for size. The average American household has over $15k in credit card debt and 36% of Americans have nothing saved for retirement! Forget investing at 6%, credit card debt charges an interest in the teens or twenties! If you’re in this position, please do yourself a favor and work through your debt. There are several methods to tackle debt and this should be your primary focus in the bigger picture of wealth building.

Now sit back for a minute and visualize what you want in life. Really dig into the exercise. Are you just telling yourself that a big house and a pile of cash and being retired in your 30s will make you happy? You’d probably get bored. You’d probably realize that you miss creating, challenging yourself professionally, and growing in so many other areas of your life. Maybe not, but we challenge you to figure out what you want. What you really want. Once you figure this out we’d be happy to support your journey in getting there.

Join us & Be Independent,





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Passionate about pushing boundaries and being independent from a young age, she holds a BSE of Industrial Engineering and minor in Mathematics graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Michigan. She has held roles in derivatives trading at Citigroup, enterprise data sales and operations at numerous technology businesses including Bloomberg and early stage ventures. She led business development efforts for private equity investor Turn/River Capital which was focused around SaaS optimizations and has made a handful of angel investments. She currently resides in Denver with her loving rescue pup Bina. 

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