What's happening in the Community?

  • Post Traumatic Growth

    Most people talk about post traumatic stress. Post traumatic growth focuses on the ways an event can change a person in positive ways.

    Please note that this post covers sensitive issues and explicit content.

  • Let's close this pay gap

    Women earn just $0.79 compared to every dollar a man earns. It's not just about confidence.

    Let’s talk about actionable steps you can take to change this.


  • Single & Independent in my 30s

    At 34, people often ask me why I'm still single.

    It has taken me years to uncover who I am and understand what I want out of life. 

    I'm not against marriage but I would rather be single than date someone I'm not into. #beindependent

  • Our Intention

    Our community is kicking off!

    We aim to spread awareness around women's health & wellness and advocate for gender equality.

    #empowerment #beindependent

  • Our Story

    We are here to empower women, bring voices together, and make a real difference.

    We aim to spread awareness around women's health & wellness initiatives and gender equality.